Business Plans

Business Plan and Notepad
The Business Plan is the fundamental leadership report of any business
It defines the current state of the business and the goals of that business
It outlines the plan in detail of how to achieve the defined goals
Our Business Plans include:
Industry, Market, Growth, Reporting, Risk and Sustainability

Porter’s Model, SWOT, Pro Forma Financial, Break Even, Responsibility/Authority, Reporting, Risk, Sustainability and Growth

Vision/Mission, Marketing, Distribution, Operations, Staffing, Risk Mitigation, Implementation, Sustainability and Exit Strategy

Advisory Reports

Business Report and Notepad
Our Business Advisory Reports are more specific in nature than Business Plans and include the definition and implementation for projects designed to achieve specific business goals
We rely on a comprehensive business plan to further define the implementation plan for successful projects
We conduct research, perform analysis and strategize the best project plan to achieve the specific business goals
Our advisory reports usually pertain to Chief Executive Officers’, Chief Financial Officers’, Chief Operating Officers’, and Chief Information Officers’ projects
Our Advisory reports usually fall into one or more of the following categories:
Valuations and Acquisitions, Financial, Marketing, Staffing/Training, Operations/Work Processes, Distribution, Risk Mitigation, Sustainability and Exit Strategy