The Business Planners is a business advisory firm with a strong focus on business research, analysis and strategy for small to medium companies

Our goal is to continually grow along with our clients’ businesses

Our values include effective business planning that provides leadership focus which is necessary for a business to succeed – If leadership doesn’t have a formal plan to succeed then they are forecasting failure

We help our clients to set achievable goals and we research, strategize, analyse and write plans to achieve those goals

Our research services include: Industry, Market, Growth, Reporting, Risk and Sustainability

Our analysis services include: Porter’s Model, SWOT, Pro Forma Financial, Break Even, Valuations, Responsibility/Authority Matrices, Reporting, Risk and Growth

Our strategy services include: Vision and Mission, Acquisitions, Marketing, Distribution, Operations, Staffing/Training, Operations/Work Process Improvement, Risk Mitigation, Implementation, Sustainability and Exit

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