The Business Planners are here to help get your business from where it is to where you want it to go.
Jared Erondu

Are you an entrepreneur or business leader who used to be happy and fulfilled in your work but isn’t any longer? It is probably because you have lost the FOCUS that got you where you are. We are here to help you define goals and plan how to achieve them.

Our FOCUS is on helping entrepreneurs and business leaders that are in a condition that doesn’t enable them to do what they are called to do. They feel like their business is not contributing to society the way it could be. There is unfulfilled potential that isn’t being fulfilled. They are struggling with oppression from bosses or customers with requests for unethical work or be subjected to financial strain!!! We are here for the business leader who has been stuck at fifty, one hundred or one thousand employees and can’t seem to grow the business.

Business leaders need GOALS that benefit society. If your goals are simply to make money by any means necessary you may succeed but you will neither be happy nor fulfilled in your work. If your business FOCUS is on achieving goals that are good for society then you will have a tougher time succeeding but you will be happy and fulfilled along the journey and when you arrive.

Once you have set GOALS that you can really stand behind you will need a PLAN for how to achieve them. You will also need to FOCUS on the PLAN to stay on track towards accomplishing your GOALS. This is exactly what a business PLAN does. It is a PLAN that keeps you FOCUSED on achieving GOALS. Business PLANS are not only for business start-ups they are for every business!!!

Business Leaders get this!!! Bosses don’t. Sadly many business leaders become bosses because they lose FOCUS. They had the FOCUS and drive and a PLAN that they needed when they started out but once money, power and success rolled in they lost the FOCUS to succeed any further. This is why so many monetarily successful entrepreneurs were very happy and fulfilled but aren’t any longer. Many extremely successful business leaders attribute their success to FOCUS .

Let’s Build a Better Business!!!

If you know of a business leader who has lost FOCUS or is starting out, please refer them to The Business Planners to get back on track. That person could be you!

The Business Planners