Business logo development is one of the toughest marketing challenges for any business. A good one can be one of the largest assets of a corporation. For small to medium companies the cost associated with creating a solid company logo is overly expensive. There are some starving graphic artists out there who are usually willing to deal so I recommend making some calls and asking for quotes because you may be pleasantly surprised. If you don’t find a reasonably priced graphic artist to help you out then your remaining option is to craft a logo yourself. Draw it on the back of an envelope and take that design to a graphic artist who can generate a computer graphic relatively cheap. The trick, and the value, is to design the logo by hand yourself first. Keep your original drawings, sign and date them. This will help you to prove copyright ownership. Hopefully, this will not be required.

I suggest spending some time thinking about what you want your logo to represent. It should accomplish the following things:
1. Be easily memorable
2. Graphically describe your company
3. Have the Least amount of lines and colours
4. There is a bonus for hidden graphic elements



A very good logo:

Formula 1 logo

Why it’s good: It’s memorable, it graphically describes the business and has the least amount of lines and colours. The hidden number 1 completes the brand. The sweeping to the right hints at left hand motion that synergizes the red flames. Bonus – it’s amazingly elegant and cool. It just screams speed.



Another good logo:

Tostitos Logo

This one is good because it clearly describes the name but the hidden graphics which aren’t all that hidden and are easy to see are the two people dipping the chip in salsa. There are a lot of lines and colours but the name is there which adds a lot. It has a party and fun attitude which enforces the brand. Remember that the company name can always be added to a logo – the best stand alone!



A great logo:

Apple Logo

This logo is so good because it clearly describes the company name in any language! This is important for international marketing and any company should be thinking about international marketing so that if you do get there you do not need to change your logo. Planning ahead is good – ask me anytime. The logo is simple with only 4 curved lines and one colour! It is easily recognizable and is very memorable. The symbolism of the bite out of the apple adds a hint of knowledge which can be good marketing for a knowledge based company. Maybe Apple’s way of getting past the list price of the Apple One. Or, making it worse. Not sure but it sure is memorable.



My favorite logo:

The Business Planners Logo

Yes, this is my companies logo. I really enjoyed designing it and I went through countless iterations until I felt really good about it. Only 4 curved lines and one colour. The whole design looks like a business plan which is what we do and the hidden graphical elements of the B and P is the abbreviation for The Business Planners. It did take a while but this is something we should be able to live with long term and it works in all languages. It also stands alone. It sure was expensive but far less than this one which cost $1 million which is still widely unrecognized and unmemorable:


Logo that cost $1 million:

Recognize it? If not, click on the logo to
see who owns it

Pepsi Logo

I hope you all have great success creating your logo as part of your business turnaround project. This should be a main component of any business plan. Branding is critical to marketing and a logo is the premier brand.

Tom, The Business Planners